Retained Search

Our Approach


Talent Strategy

We help our clients understand where to play and how to win when it comes to attracting the right talent for their company.  The where and how is what we develop after we meet with you and understand your business and unique talent wants & needs.  With that, we put together a talent strategy to pursue and extract leaders with specific experiences that will add huge value to your organization.

Talent Mapping

Our Talent Partners work alongside your leadership team to help you understand where your company is as it relates to talent.  It is a process that works to help anticipate your future talent needs, prioritize what your key searches are for now, and assess the viability of your current staff to meet those needs.  Meanwhile, we can help you with our pipeline of pre-screened high-potential players for future recruitment, and deploy a strategic plan to fill identified skills and talent gaps

Leadership Model

We help you develop a leadership model that defines your company culture and we use this model when assessing the executive talent that we're presenting you with.  A tailored approach is what we find to be the best approach.  A leader within one company may make a horrible leader in another.  We want to bring you the type of leader that fits your company, and our guidance in building a Leadership Model for you is part of our commitment to the search.  You're free to keep our customized model for all your future hires.  That is our gift to you.